First Session

(90mins) £75.00

The initial session will include taking an in depth case history. This is important as hypnotherapy sessions must be ‘tailor made’ just for you.

Your likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams, fears and expectations, all play a vital part in bringing about the change you desire.

A comprehensive explantion of hypnosis and hypnotherapy (ie. what to expect and what not to expect—no swinging watches in this practice!) will put your mind comfortably at ease before any therapy takes place.

You will usually be taught self hypnosis duriing the initial session and given a CD so that you have a ‘tool’ to take away and practice with; as you become more at ease with the ‘state of hypnosis’, the more productive any future sessions will become.

Subsequent Sessions 

(60mins) £60.00

Following sessions will be led by you – depending on what has been experienced since the last session and any other feedback from you.

Many habit based conditions, fears and phobias can often be resolved in 1-3 sessions.

Acute anxiety and emotional issues may take up to 12 sessions for a realistic resolution to take place.

However   you will be aware of some changes within the first three sessions if hypnosis is going to be a viable therapy for you.


Hypno-Band 4 Session Protocol

Weight Control

The HYPNO-BAND system costs £275.00, which is payable on completion of the first session.

The complete system comprises of  a series of four one hour sessions plus cd or mp3 recordings which you use for reinforcement. A full dietary and medical history will be taken and an initial assessment done during the first session. Also in the first session you will be introduced to hypnosis and experience the fantastic feelings of relaxation and calmness which results from being hypnotized. We will also begin your journey to losing weight. In the second session you will encounter the HYPNO-BAND and we will begin the process of having the virtual gastric band fitted. In subsequent sessions the HYPNO-BAND virtual gastric band will be fitted and adjusted. In later sessions the process will be reinforced and you will learn a different way of eating. Following the sessions you should use your CD or MP3 to back-up and reinforce the work you have done.

Stop Smoking

(Single 90min Session) £125.00

If required a free follow up support session within two weeks of initial consultation is included within the initial price

All you need to bring with you is a ‘self motivated’ desire to become ‘smoke free’!

Payment by cash, cheque or bacs (if paying in advance). Please note that currently credit cards are not accepted.